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We use technology to solve real problems.

13+ years experience in industries like Health Care, Sport and Personal Development, E-Commerce.


Responsive and accessible UI design with robust HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development. Optimized for low maintenance and easy usage.


Web and mobile apps, SPAs, and SAAS products with great UX and clean implementation.


Quick and iterative development that implements your idea into a proof of concept. Create a experiment feature, or try to integrate a new technology in a legacy project.

How we work

High trust and collaboration

We appreciate flexible processes over rigid procedures, and emphasize kind, honest communication.

Share our work early

We want to get feedback quickly and efficiently. This helps us stay ahead of problems, prioritize the right improvements, and help reduce the cost.

Don't complicate stuff - prefer simplicity

Software should be easy to use and low-maintenance.

Use the right tool for the job

We reach for the tools that make the most sense for your goals.

Featured work

Full technology support - develop platform, architecture & devops planning

Technologies: React, NextJS, Laravel


Expand MVP version with new features, launch to stores (AppStore/GoogleStore/Huawei) support.

Technologies: React, React Native, Laravel


Corporate Website development, launch support.

Design by: Cog Graphics

Technologies: HTML & CSS, Kirby, PHP


Extend existing app functionality on both web & mobile.

Technologies: React, React Native, Laravel


Implemented a new mobile design in the existing platform

Design: Cog Graphics

Technologies: HTML & CSS, PHP, Codeigniter


What Clients Say.

John Masterson at
Dabanny LTD proved themselves to be an excellent development partner for us. Offering full stack services for our React and React Native platforms, I found them to be professional, extremely competent and easy to work with. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services as a development partner.
CPO at

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